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Captain Fawcett's The Chap 'Debonair' Moustache Wax

Captain Fawcett's The Chap 'Debonair' Moustache Wax

Regular price £12.50

Captain Fawcett has added to his Signature Series catalogue with an exceptional moustache wax creation - a result of a collaboration with The Chap, 'Debonair' has drawn inspiration from the pipe-smoking dandy silhouette of the quarterly journal & has a fragrance that, as the Captain himself so eloquently puts it, is "the fragrance of slow pleasures enjoyed with time to spare". So no matter how relaxed you may be, your moustache at least will be standing to attention. 

Supplied in an aluminium, screw-top tin.

To Use:

Keep your moustache wax warm - keeping it in a trouser or shirt pocket is a super place to ensure an ambient temperature. Using the back of a fingernail, dispense a small amount of wax & soften betwixt finger & thumb & smooth into your pride & joy using an 'up & out' motion. If desired, add a little wax in a twist on the ends to ensure a perky finish.