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Captain Fawcett's Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub

Captain Fawcett's Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub

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Captain Fawcett's Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub has been formulated using sweet almond oil, sea salt & rock samphire to add uplifting & invigorating element into your regular grooming regimen.

With it's subtle scent reminiscent of a fresh sea breeze, Captain Fawcett's scrub is perfect for polishing the skin, while helping to improve texture & reduce any pesky unwanted lumps, bumps & ingrown hairs on both body & face. It is also rather handily supplied with a monogrammed Captain Fawcett spatula made from sustainable bamboo. 

To Use:

Using the spatula, simply mix the desired amount of scrub in your palm with warm water to form a paste.

The consistency of the paste can be tailored to preference:

- More water will give you a looser consistency, and therefore a gentler scrub - this is most suited to skin that is either sensitive, or perhaps on the drier side. 

- Less water will result in a thicker paste, which can be used on oily skin or any stubborn oilier patches (an oily T-Zone, for example).

Simply apply to wet skin after cleansing, either as a treatment once a week to help keep your skin in tip-top condition, or more often to skin which is very oily or spot-prone. 

Ensure all traces of scrub are rinsed off before applying moisturiser (we can highly recommend either Captain Fawcett's Expedition Reserve Moisturiser, or for fans of the wildly popular 'Booze & Baccy' range by fellow Fawcett chum Ricki Hall, Captain Fawcett's Booze & Baccy Moisturiser).

It may smell nice, but please - don't ingest this product. Do not use on broken or infected skin. Avoid eyes too - in the event of irritation, flush well with cool water, & seek medical attention if symptoms persist. 


100ml / 3.4fl.oz