Captain Fawcett's Bamboo Socks

Captain Fawcett's Bamboo Socks

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Seasoned explorers know the value of having supremely comfortable lower extremities at all times - this is now attainable for all gentlemen with the addition of Captain Fawcett's bamboo socks in racing green & gold, featuring an all-over moustache motif.

Stylish, sweat-regulating & soft, these socks will ensure your toes stay comfortable & fresh, whether you're exploring sky-high peaks... or just the Sky menu.

To use:

Ensure your foot is UK size 7 - 11. Put sock over your foot. Follow with your other foot. Marvel & vow never to wear a shoe again, as such a sock surely deserves to be on display at all times. 

65% bamboo, 15% cotton, 10% nylon, 10% elastane.