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Captain Fawcett’s Maharajah Eau de Parfum

Captain Fawcett’s Maharajah Eau de Parfum

Regular price £70

Captain Fawcett & The Jodphur Company’s Signature Series - Maharajah - has resulted in this tantalising, exotic Eau de Parfum which conjures images of the luxurious & enchanting heat of Indian nights.

Captain Fawcett has expertly blended peppery spice with rose, rich musk, cedar & leather, with a dazzling dash of citrus top notes. Think the crush of petals, balmy air filled with aromatic smoke & the warmest essence of masala chai. 

The absolute perfect companion to the rest of the Captain’s Maharajah range, which includes a moustache wax, beard oil & a beard balm.


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