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Captain Fawcett's Strong Hair Pomade

Captain Fawcett's Strong Hair Pomade

Regular price £20

Huzzah for Captain Fawcett's sterling addition to his exceptional range of hair pomades! 

The Captain's Strong pomade is perfectly suited to medium/thick hair types due to it's... well, strong hold (ahem). With a glossy high shine finish, it's your new right-hand man for a whole range of sculpted styles - it'll add some pizazz to your pompadour, some definition to your duck-tail and a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to your quiff.

Scented with warm spice, a touch of citrus and notes of verdant wood, it's subtle but sophisticated. 

To Use:

Begin with clean, towel-dried hair. Scoop out a small blob of Captain Fawcett's Strong Hair Pomade and warm between your palms before applying (start small, lest you stray into 'greasy finish' territory, and build your way up to your desired finish). Comb through & style. 

Top tip - pending on the style you're going for, it may be easier to start with the underside of the hair. If needed, you can always add a tiny dab more product to tame any unruly bits. You can also achieve extra lift with a hairdryer if needed!