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Captain Fawcett's Maharajah Moustache Wax

Captain Fawcett's Maharajah Moustache Wax

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In collaboration with The Jodphur Company, the Maharajah signature series by Captain Fawcett has an intoxicating aroma that's redolent of balmy Indian nights - the exotic aromas of peppery spice, musk, heady rose, cedar, leather & a tang of citrus will transport you off to somewhere altogether more enchanted than the spot next to the office photocopier* (*insert mundane scenario of your choice). The resulting Maharajah moustache wax will ensure your tips are perky & fragrant. 

To Use:

A pocket is a good place to keep the wax temperate, & then using the back of a fingernail, take a small amount of wax, soften between finger & thumb & apply to your moustache. We find an upwards & outwards motion works best. You can then add a little more wax to twizzle the tip if you're feeling fancy.